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Do you have what it takes to complete the mission?


A First Person, Authentic, Lunar Experience

Lunar Odyssey: Escape is your opportunity to experience the moon first hand. With fully immersive graphics, sound, and controls, your senses will be thrust into an experience unlike any other. You will be led through a series of tasks to successfully launch the Apollo 18 and escape the moon before time runs out.


Next-Gen Technology Meets Creativity

The team at Fractal Blue Entertainment has spent endless hours researching the details of the Apollo Missions, Lunar Modules, and the physics of Space Exploration. With the combination of this research and cutting edge VR technology, Lunar Odyssey: Escape is your ticket to experience a lunar mission.


Lunar Odyssey: Escape was created utilizing the latest Unreal Engine technology to produce photo-realistic interactive environments. This creates a high-resolution, life-like experience. We have read over 30,000 pages of official NASA documentation to ensure the most authentic experience possible.


Every asset in this game is rendered based on official imagery from NASA. Everything from the xEMU Space Suit, to the Lunar Module Control Panel, is based on the real deal.


With the latest Virtual Reality technology, you are in the driver's seat of this Lunar Mission. The fate of the mission is in your hands.

Lunar Odyssey Roadmap

DECEMBER 14, 2021

Lunar odyssey: escape
Public Announcement

Game trailer release

February 22, 2022

Lunar odyssey: escape
Early access Release

Early Access release on Steam - Lunar Odyssey: Escape

January 15, 2022

Lunar odyssey: escape

Steam coming soon page goes live

QUARTER 2, 2022

Lunar odyssey: escape
Content drop

Lunar Odyssey interactive Rover release

The Escape Begins

Experience the life-like detail and immersive gameplay of Lunar Odyssey: Escape on 2/22/22.