Slash, swing, shoot and climb your way through various arenas as you fight to liberate the citizens of Junktion from the oppression of the Dominant Hand.


The Story of Scrap Age

Scrap Age is a fast paced, high-flying Roguelike VR Arena Shooter. Play as Orin, an android who awakens on a strange planet following a failed escape from his war-torn world, only to find himself fighting for survival and his freedom. Slash, swing, shoot and climb your way through various arenas as you fight to liberate the citizens of Junktion from vicious robotic tribes.
Power-up your weapons and prepare to fight!

The Setting

Scrap Age takes place on a corroded world inhabited by robots, abandoned by their creators. These machines have now formed tribes locked in deadly conflict over the scraps from the ruins of the old world.

Amidst the rusted-out monuments and dilapidated technology, the weak are prey to the wicked. On this planet the struggle to not become another robots’ spare parts is a way of life.


Upgrade Gems

Unlock the full potential of your weapons with Gems! Slot multiple Gems into your hands for added buffs. With each playthrough offering new Gems to discover, the possibilities for unique play styles and devastating attacks are virtually limitless and always changing, with no two playthroughs being the same!

Video showing Gem combat


The combat in Scrap Age is fast, frenetic and fierce. Unleash the thrill of unpredictability in every battle as you choose your weapon and gem combination in the high-stakes arena. Overpower your enemies with your bouncing, multi-shot grenades, or take the fight up close and lay waste to them with your embiggened shockwave sword. Choose your own style of destruction.



Walk, climb, and grapple your way to victory. Movement feels natural, intuitive, and comfortable as you traverse and battle your way through the arenas.

Swinging around the maps

The Arena

Step into the heat of battle in The Fracture. A caldera of carnage, situated in an ancient crater on the outskirts of Junktion that provides a venue for the other robotic groups to indulge their violent tendencies.

The citizens of Junktion, known as The Discarded, cling to survival by serving as the playthings of the stronger tribes. So long as their struggles provide entertainment for the more powerful clans, Junktion remains safe.

In The Fracture you will take on relentless waves of enemies and conquer fearsome bosses. Outlast your enemies to advance to new stages and unlock powerful upgrades.

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